Just a Holiday

from by Liz Arcane



You are not my ghost, but I accept your gift
And you can't take offence, because you don't exist.
And I will wait up like a child,
Even though it's barely my first.
So let me have this day,
And later do your worst.

Once I gave you Faith, but you just gave it back.
I carved myself in ice, your lies made it crack.
So I hang on for winter,
Every year, I grip it by the throat
So let me have this day,
The one that you Ghost Wrote.

Warm winds blow cold,
As the Harvest is sold.
And the folks safe asleep with their Story.
There's nothing so sweet as this season to me,
Even though I can't make out your Glory.

But you are not my Ghost,
Or barely anyone's.
And any power you had,
Has long since been gone.
You can take my hard words
As if my soul cannot be saved.
But I don't need Release,

Just a Holiday.


from The Gunner's Daughter, released July 20, 2015
All lyrics and composition copyright Liz Arcane, violin and cello composed and performed by Sara Mecci, vocals and guitar performed by Liz Arcane. Abstract sound performed by Sara Mecci and arranged by Matt Doherty.

Recorded by James Mason and Matt Doherty at Island Farm studios in East Molesey, mixed and mastered by Matt Doherty. Artwork by Liz Arcane.

www.lizarcane.com 2015




Liz Arcane London, UK

Liz Arcane is a singer songwriter living in London, performing as a solo artist and as a session musician and lead vocalist with Amuse Bouche covers band (www.amuseboucheband.com).

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