How can I explain to you
He was only 32
But daddy's gone, never too return
I know we don't discuss it much
Silence is a kind of trust
But he's gone, and oh that feeling burns.

And mother never cries
Who would dry her eyes
So I'll sit here, and slowly atrophy.
Time has passed, and clocks have spun,
He will be forever young
I can't believe I'm nearly 33.

Filing to receive the ghost
I bit down hard upon the Host
And tried so hard to bring back memories.
But memories don't return at will,
Sometimes I wish he'd just held still,
So I could try to capture him in Time.

But I am just a Man,
I stood up straight and sang,
That's what he'd have done, if he'd here.
I had to do it on my own,
I became the man at home.
And I, I can't believe I'm nearly 33.

I'm just standing silent here,
Waiting for my Father dear.
I can't believe I'm nearly 33,
Just like him, the day that he left me.


from The Gunner's Daughter, released July 20, 2015
All lyrics and composition copyright Liz Arcane, violin composed and performed by Sara Mecci, Double Bass composed and performed by James Mason, vocals and guitar performed by Liz Arcane. Ukulele performed by Liz Arcane and/or Matthew Doherty. Brass performed by Sara Mecci.

Recorded by James Mason and Matt Doherty at Island Farm studios in East Molesey, mixed and mastered by Matt Doherty. Artwork by Liz Arcane.

www.lizarcane.com 2015




Liz Arcane London, UK

Liz Arcane is a singer songwriter living in London, performing as a solo artist and as a session musician and lead vocalist with Amuse Bouche covers band (www.amuseboucheband.com).

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